About the Press Team


The iSchool Press Team programme gives you and your school the opportunity to voice your opinions on issues and subjects important to you. All you need is a device to film on, a good story and creativity to make your voices heard.

The iSchool Press Team offers your school an exciting programme to offer students. The Press Team can function as a club, as individuals, or as part of the curriculum.

The iSchool Press Team includes:

Attend industry
Invitation to
press events
making training
Exposure for
your school

This is a unique platform where you use recording devices to learn more, do more and say more. Your viewpoints are captured in two-minute videos where you brainstorm, script, film and edit your ‘masterpieces’ which are then shared through a multitude of platforms for the world to see.

iSchool Press Team is another way to integrate and maximise technology usage at your school. For your school to join the iSchool Press team programme – please contact ypt@ischoolafrica.com

Throughout the year you and your team can submit videos on issues close to your heart, or on news about your school, family or community and stand a chance to win great prizes every month.