#AidsFreeGen Workshop News

Learners from Johannesburg attended an exciting workshop on the 25th of March where they were trained and equipped to become Youth Change Makers as they take on the #AidsFreeGen DREAMS campaign. DREAMS stands for Determined, Resilient Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored and Safe.

The event was a held at St Stithians Girls’ College and was a real success with students from 12 schools around Gauteng arriving to be inspired and equipped to go into their schools and communities and make a difference. Press teams came to learn how to use any device to create two minute movies about an AIDS-Free Generation.

The workshop began with a discussion that helped press teams define their cause and how they can be instrumental in effecting change through their videos and campaigns. There are many misconceptions about HIV and AIDS and it was important for learners to understand how HIV is spread, how it can be prevented and why empathy is so necessary when we talk about the virus. 

The learners were then encouraged to articulate and define what their campaigns will look like and how each campaign will appeal to the hearts, hands and heads of their audiences. Their task was to think through the social media platforms they can use, what solution focused content they will share and how they can mobilise their friends and family to join their cause.

The final part of the day was an emphasis on the art of storytelling and knowing your audience. The Youth Change Makers were given three themes to focus their films on, which are:

 “I want an #AidsFreeGen because…” 

“We can create an #AidsFreeGen by…”

“How to live the #AidsFreeGen DREAMS way…”

We are looking forward to seeing all the campaigns and films that our press teams create.

You can start a press team at your school and join the #AidsFreeGen campaign. Email [email protected] to let us know your ready to join.

If you’re in KZN, be sure to join us for the upcoming #AidsFreeGen workshop at Kloof High School on the 6th of May 2017. Email [email protected] to rsvp for this event.

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