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Despite millions invested in addressing the AIDS epidemic, we still face shocking headlines such as, “Over 25% of school girls HIV positive, compared to 4% of boys in South Africa.” Girls also face numerous challenges, from educational, social, gender, cultural to legal barriers. The #AidsFreeGen campaign was launched in 2017 in partnership with PEPFAR
(The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) thanks to the prestigious PEPFAR DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored, and Safe women) Innovation Challenge grant. The heart of the #AidsFreeGen campaign was to prioritize girl empowerment and amplify their voices in being heard in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


We are proud to announce the winners for our

#AidsFreeGen Campaign

Video: #AidsFreeGen: A True Story
School: Unity Secondary School
Category: Most Brave Message to the Youth

What the judges said: An important and relevant, relatable and truly impactful film focusing on a true story around teenage sex and the central, male character who openly expresses (in voice over and visual story), his draw to sex and women. It’s an incredibly brave statement which at it’s core absolutely underpins the reality of all teenagers, male and female. That sex compels. When the character has his revelation around promiscuity he himself becomes the activist and teacher to his peers. The message is clear with an inspiring call to action to the youth to make the right choices. Amazing talent. Well done! A great team effort. Also GREAT sound – thank you!

Watch it here.


Video: #AidsFreeGen: Blessed Without a Blesser
School: Clarence Primary School
Category: Most Original & Powerful Story

What the judges said: Absolutely mind-blowing, especially from a primary school. The voice over and poetry, is incredibly layered. Relating the idea of the blesser and extending that term to “blessings”. Blew us away. The story has a clear structure. Strong pace. The vehicle of a new kid at school told through his diary. The use of storytelling through the female voice over/poetry, camera including slo-mo and and great use of music. Outstanding and original! We are so blown away by your talent and powerful, brave and inspirational story. Thank you.

Watch it here.


Video: #AidsFreeGen: Afternoon Express
School: Sibusisiwe Comprehensive Technical High School
Category: Most Powerful Call To Action

What the judges said: A brilliant parody of a news genre piece. Fantastic graphics that draws on labels “within the news context. For example: “Empowered victim” and “troubled soul” which brilliantly parodies the real world of news that is name and title specific. But the call to action is embedded in the characters and their dilemmas. For example, the girl who was imprisoned was both powerful and emotional. Incredibly well thought through. Clever. Powerful, tinged with humor. Well structured. Great use of B&W and colour. But for this category, the call to action is crystal clear. Well done! You also bravely – were the only ones – that linked HIV and gender based violence.

Watch it here.


Winning videos and Change Makers interviews

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