Frequently Asked Questions

What is iSchool Press Team?

iSchool Press Team is an award winning initiative which aims to give the youth of South Africa the opportunity to voice their opinions on issues and subjects important to them. Using tablets, learners create one-minute videos which are then placed on several platforms for the world to see.

Who can join?

Any student who is in Senior Primary School or High School.

Is this only open to South African students?

No. Students from our neighbouring countries (Namibia, Swazuland, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe) are allowed to enter. Have a look at our resources for tutorials and workshop feedback.

How many people can join?

There is no restriction to how many people should be part of a team. You can submit content individually or as a team. It is however advised that you work in a team so that the workload is split between individuals e.g. director, cameraman, soundman, presenter, etc.

Do I need to be in school to join?

Yes, this is only open to learners in Senior Primary and High School in South Africa.  Homeschool students are also allowed to enter.

Why do I need to fill in my cellphone and email address?

We need your details in order for us to communicate directly on updates, upcoming deadlines, etc.

Do I need to have an email address or cellphone number to sign up?

Yes, you do. We use these to communicate directly with you to alert you of updates/remind of deadlines, etc. If you do not have your own, please ask you teacher, parent, guardian if you can use theirs.

Do I need to have internet in my school or home to be part of a iSchool Press Team?

It is recommended that you have some kind of access to the internet in order for you to be able to upload content, view what other students have put and to be able to interact with other learners from other schools.

Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join the programme. You or your school will be advised to purchase the correct equipment which you can do on the website. There may be cost for certain training sessions.

How do I submit content?

You can upload videos in a Dropbox folder and share the link with [email protected]. Go to, sign up, follow the steps, download the app and start uploading your video.

Where will we put your videos?

All content will be uploaded on our Youtube channel, website, shared with community channels and other partners.

When will the winners of the various competitions be announced?

All winners will be announced a month after delivery deadline.

Can I only enter content produced on an iPad?

No.  Although we recommend the use of quality tablets, you are allowed to use any tablet.  Simply ensure that the footage and sound is clear and a high enough quality to share on various platforms, such as YouTube.

How long should the videos be?

Videos should be 2 minutes long, unless otherwise specified.

What are the Excellence in Education Awards?

The Excellence in Education Competition is an initiative coordinated by Core Computer Business, created to reward innovative use of technology in teaching and learning. All monthly winners will be entered. For more information, visit

How do I select a topic to use?

You can select any topic you feel passionate about.

Do I need the school’s approval?

It is advised that all students get permission from school teacher/principal as the participants school name should be included in the credits at the end of the video.

What equipment do I need?

Any tablet with a camera app and editing software.  We recommend you make us of a microphone, tripod/stand. These can all be purchased from the website, but will only fit iPads.

Do I need the extra accessories or can I just use my tablet?

You can just use your tablet but we advise you get the extra accessories in order for you to produce high quality content. The microphone will enhance the audio especially when you are conducting an interview. The tripod/stand will make sure that the shots are steady.

Where can I buy equipment?

All equipment can be purchased on this website, although the iKlip adapter is made to fit only an iPad.  All the other equipment can be used on any tablet.

How do I make videos?

Under the Tools tab on the website, there are video tutorials on how to use the equipment and apps.