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The iSchool Press Team in partnership with The United States Mission to South Africa and The US Presidents Emergency Plan For Aids Relief (PEPFAR) bring you the #GirlSafe campaign. The campaign was created for the youth to add their voice to the call to make Gender Based Violence history. The #GirlSafe campaign is a groundbreaking project, inspiring new Media Change Makers with a key goal of delivering a #GirlSafe South Africa.

We are proud to showcase the videos from our

#GirlSafe Bootcamp

Group 1:#SpeakOutB4UDie

This film is about a woman who is abused by her man. The abuse silences her until she finally decides to break the silence.

Watch it here.


Group 2: #SpiritIndestructable

This film is about a teenage girl being abused but gets the courage to make a change and gets salvation. She decided enough is enough and calls a help line.

Watch it here.


Group 3: #SpeakOutOrItWontChange

The film is about a survivor who is abuse and is afraid to speak about it. When she sees others protest against abuse, she finally regains her strength and stands up.

Watch it here.


Group 4: #RealMenDontSpank

The film is about encouraging women to stand up for themselves and speak out in uncomfortable situations.

Watch it here.


Group 5: #YouCanWeCanBlossom

The film is about someone who has a faced a great deal of hurt in her life she realizes that there is hope for her.

Watch it here.


Created videos

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