Our Youth call out to #endGBV


We are proud to announce the winners of the campaign.


Many initiatives exist to address violence and abuse against women and children. However, the voice of young people in South Africa is seldom heard. It is iSchool Press Team’s aim is to give young South Africa a voice by allowing them to share their opinions on critical issues that affect them so that they become vehicles of positive social change. This is why, in 2015, we partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), South Africa, to launch a campaign to give the youth an impactful and inspirational platform to speak out and be the voice of children too afraid to speak against GBV.


National School of the Arts
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Plastic is a disturbing, bold, brave and clever film that addresses a global reality of the unrealistic expectations, and therefore outcomes, created by the media, peers and society. Unlike any other entry, the NSA team challenges the youth directly, calling on them to see each other differently, and in this case, especially girls, to combat gender based violence.

This entry is powerful since it addresses the unrealistic expectations many people in relationships face. Whether these expectations are self-imposed or truly coming from their partner, the video shows very clearly that neither party will be happy or even safe in such a relationship.

Reach out
Mdzimba Primary School
Whiteriver, Mpumalanga

Reach out is by far the most original and powerful story as they open with a child behind bars and close with the right person behind bars, the perpetrator. One of the weakest skills in our industry today is subtlety and surprise and I believe that is what Mdzimba team has achieved. I see a great future for these storytellers, they have delivered a work of art and one of the best camera shots of all the entries, and incredible pan revealing the young girls tears.

This entry has many great moments, which made it stand out, but the story arch shows insight beyond what you would expect from primary school students. The beginning shows a young child behind bars, which is a brilliant metaphor for the isolation that victims of violence experience. A friend that reaches out is all that is needed to turn the tables and put the perpetrator behind bars. The quality of the video is consistent and the message is clear.

Women are abused in different ways
Phindavele Secondary School
Dududu, Vulamehlo Rural, KZN

Women are abused in different ways is the only entry that bravely and powerfully called on the whole of South Africa to take a stand against gender based violence. The Future Fighters haunting topic, tragic and powerful images and their balanced gender closing gives us all hope and calls on us all to take a stand and make a difference.

The strong call to action made this video a clear contender. The team took initiative to use their own images, which made a great impact. Also showing the different ways that abuse can occur is so valuable, especially in communities where abuse can so easily be overlooked.

Winning videos

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