Youth Change Makers Impacted in Durban and Springs

It’s been an exciting two weeks for iSchool Press Team with two more workshops under our belt. Learners from around KZN arrived Kloof High School on 6 May 2017 to be inspired and equipped to create campaigns and create their two minute videos for the #AidsFreeGen DREAMS campaign. 76 learners and 10 educators shared ideas with us about the problem with lack of information and myths within their communities, with some learners highlighting that they were unaware of their own ignorance.

Brave learners added their voice to the discussion on how important getting the right information out to their peers will be after watching informative videos on how HIV is spread. One learner expressed that she thought that HIV can be spread by saliva and that being part of the #AidsFreeGen campaign means that she will be the first person to be impacted even before starting the campaign.

Learners from around Ekhuruleni arrived at Springs Girls’ High School on 13 May 2017 to find out how they can be youth change makers and become active press team members. All 37 learners and their 9 teachers have joined the iSchool Press Team as brand new members and are excited about extending the programme into their communties.

Learners at the workshop were visited by PEPFAR Grant Coordinator, Cristianne Wendler. She spoke to learners about the importance of the DREAMS campaign and how they can each make a difference in changing the course of the HIV rate in their generation. She encouraged press teams to hold their parents accountable for how HIV has spread, but to remember that they are now responsible for ending HIV in their lifetime.

Press teams committed to being youth change makers and finding innovative ways of speaking about HIV with their peers. Follow social media pages to see what our learners get up to in the next few weeks.

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